30 Days of Organization

30 Days of Organization: Day 3

It’s my least favorite time of year…the time when I have to take my Christmas decorations down and come to terms with the fact that the holiday season is over 😦 . Since my vacation is coming to an end it’s time to tackle some big projects before my crazy schedule picks back up again. First big project: take down all of the Christmas stuff and do a major re-organization of it all. Last year I didn’t really have a method for putting the decorations away and I paid for it this year…I couldn’t find certain things, wrapping items were every where and putting up the decorations just wasn’t as fun because I was frustrated with my lack of organization. I refuse to repeat the same mistake this year! The first thing I did was go out and buy some storage bins so that I could keep all of my decorations together and protected. Then I purchased a cheap, plastic, 4-drawer storage unit to create a “wrapping station”.

Check it out:


Make sure you label what’s in each bin…this helps when you are trying to find something specific and don’t want to go through everything! Also, make sure you mark which bins contain fragile decorations, ya never know who will be handling them next Christmas!



From this mess….


To this gloriousness!



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