30 Days of Organization

30 Days of Organization: Day 4

I woke up this morning with a strong urge to bake…so I went to the pantry to get all of the fixings for my grandma’s famous chocolate chip cookies. That’s when I had my inspiration for today’s post because this is what my pantry looked like:


It’s appalling, I know. Not only does this lack of organization look bad, it makes baking and cooking extremely time consuming because I’m constantly having to dig through the shelves to find certain ingredients. I also decided it was time to re-organize my spices (which are located in a different cupboard)…here’s what that mess looked like before:


I can never find anything!!! That’s why today is dedicated to re-organizing the pantry! To start, I went out and purchased a few plastic storage containers for pasta, flour, rice, sugar, etc…the things that need to be in closed tight containers after you open them. I also picked up 2 small plastic storage units that are normally used in an office or for crafts. I figured the spices would fit nicely in these and I would be able to easily access them when needed. Here’s my beautiful collection of storage units:


I also had a lot of mason jars laying around the house, so I decided to use those as storage containers as well for some of my spices, nuts, lentils, etc. Here is what some storage containers and motivation can do to your pantry…


Oh Em Gee…I can cook/bake in peace now! The bottom shelf will host snack foods, cooking items, potatoes, onions and garlic. The second shelf from the bottom will be for breakfast, lunch and dinner items. The third shelf will be for baking items and the top shelf is for my box of cookie cutters and large serving dishes/bowls that do not fit in any of my other cupboards (I gave my husband a “pantry tutorial” and warned him about putting things on the wrong shelf 🙂 ). One storage container is specifically for cooking spices and the other is for baking spices and decorations. I am obsessed with this re-organization of the spices and it is SO much easier to find things now!

DSCN0058 DSCN0064

Today = maj success. I highly recommend you look at your pantry and decide how you can utilize that space better. I know I will no longer be searching for spices hidden in the back behind many other ingredients!


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