30 Days of Organization

30 Days of Organization: Day 6

It was a crazy, hectic day back at school with my kiddos! I had anxiety all night about going back…being away for 2 weeks feels like a lifetime. But honestly, it felt so good to get hugs and hear them say how much they missed me! Although the day was busy, I found some time to sneak some organization in! Day 6 is all about organizing my wallet and getting a plan together for saving. I always set a goal for myself on how much I want to save monthly. However, I don’t normally stick to that goal because I usually forget about it and/or I find ways to spend my money (like on multiple pairs of shoes and dresses). But what happens when the refrigerator, washing machine and dish washer all kick the bucket in the same month? No bueno.  I NEED A PLAN! We all do.

Here’s what I started with…cleaning out my wallet! I’m so tired of having it bulge out due to stuffed receipts, reward cards and credit cards I don’t use often enough and an overload of pennies in the change pocket. Here’s a before and after:

walletSo much better…and lighter! The next step was to find a way to organize monthly receipts so that they don’t continue to take over my wallet. Organizing my receipts will also help me keep track of my monthly spending. I found a super cheap “check file” that I thought would be perfect. I can organize my receipts monthly and it’s small enough to not take up a lot of space in my office.

receipt holderAhh, now I have a place for all of that paper! Next, create a “spending calendar”. Yes, I’m saving my monthly receipts, but I need to SEE how much I’m spending and saving right in front of my face. On my calendar I will lay out the days I plan on depositing into my savings account and I will record how much I spend each day. This will allow me to see where most of my money is going…hopefully forcing me to cut back on certain things, like Brueggers brunch every Saturday and weekly Marshall’s trips!

spending calendar

Lastly, I’ve decided to participate in the “52 week money challenge” I saw on Pinterest. However, I’m putting my own spin on it -I’m doubling the amount I put in weekly. I figured this savings could be separate from my regular savings and the money I have from this at the end of the year can be put towards a vacation for next year 🙂

52 week money challenge

So there you have it! I have organized my wallet and my thoughts on spending and saving! I feel so much better about my finances for the start of 2014!


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