30 Days of Organization

30 Days of Organization: Day 10

Today’s blog is all about organizing your “moments”. This type of organization may seem cheesy to some, but to me I feel it is absolutely necessary. At the end of every year, I like to recall the great, wonderful moments I experienced. However, once the end of the year comes, I only remember the big things that happened like getting married or getting a new job. This year I want to be able to recall the little things that made me happy or were important; the things we forget after a year even if they made us smile for one day. So, in order to organize these moments and keep track of them, I made a 2014 “moments” jar. Laugh all you want, but I can’t wait to read everything we put into it next New Year’s Eve.

Here’s what I used: a glass vase that was taking up space in one of my cupboards, scrapbook paper, card stock, tape, scissors and a sharpie

memory jar stuff

Annnnnnd here it is! Mike and I are going to keep it in a central location in the house and every time something happens that we want to remember, we are going to write it down and put it in the jar! On December 31st, 2014 we are going to read all of the “moments” we put in the jar and look back at the year in a positive way 🙂

memory jar


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