30 Days of Organization

30 Days of Organization: Day 13

I want to know who decided having a “junk” drawer in their kitchen was a good idea?! Why is it EVER okay to have a drawer dedicated to junk? Shouldn’t we be trying to get RID of the junk?! Being 13 days into my organization journey I decided it’s time to get rid of the “junk” drawer and turn it into an “organized,random kitchen items” drawer. Sadly, I not only have one drawer filled with junk…I have two:

messy junk drawer messy junk drawer 2

My goal is to free up the space in one drawer and have the other one become my hand towel drawer. I purchased a drawer organizer and went to town! Here are the results:

clean junk drawer 2

From two drawers to one!

clean junk drawer

Now I have a place for the pens, chip clips, magnets, batteries, small tools, etc! I also don’t have to spend a gazillion hours searching for ridiculous things that should just be there right when you need them!


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