30 Days of Organization

30 Days of Organization: Day 14

A lot of attention is being given to my kitchen this week…it is the most used room in the house and, for such a small space, holds the most things! Today’s conquest: organize the mess under the kitchen sink! Please excuse the ugly and creepiness…our kitchen is VERY outdated and we have every intention of demolishing and renovating it this spring. Here is the scary mess under my kitchen sink:

messy under the sink

Bed, Bath and Beyond was my one stop shop this week. For today, I needed something two tiered, narrow and preferably with sliding drawers….Bingo! Perfecto! Found it!

under sink storage

I also grabbed a few Rubbermaid storage containers for sponge, rag and soap organization. Oh! And! I found one of those hanging things that goes on the shower head (for shampoo and soap) and just decided to hang it from the door, along with a plastic bag holder that we registered for and haven’t put up in a year and a half! Here it

clean under the sink

  under the sink door   under the sink door 2

*Sigh* So much better! Note to self: get rid of the chemicals, they totally grossed me out (hmm maybe that’ll be my next “30 days” topic).


One thought on “30 Days of Organization: Day 14

  1. Nads, can you please come do my house next!? I am drowning in mess… And now I feel really guilty having just read all your latest updates, you are doing such a fabulous job! Miss you xx

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