30 Days of Organization

30 Days of Organization: Day 15

DAY 15!!! I’m half way through!!! HalleluJAH! Honestly, organizing one thing a day has made a major difference in the way I feel. My home feels less cluttered, it’s cleaner and my mind is at ease knowing things are in place. I am so excited to continue with the next 15 days and finish strong!

Going along with this week’s kitchen theme, I decided to organize my cupboard that houses all of our plates, bowls and some random dishes. A huge annoyance we deal with on a daily basis is constantly having to take a stack of bowls out of the cupboard in order to get a plate. I love dishes and I love hosting dinner parties, so I have a lot of dishes (and not a whole lot of space). I also have an obsession with antique tea cups and antique dishes in general, so whenever I find them at garage sales I just stock up! This is what the cupboard looks like now:

Messy Cupboard

I picked up a few cabinet shelves at Walmart that allow you to stack plates and bowls without stacking them on top of each other. How great are these?

Cabinet shelf 1 Corner shelf

With a little reorganizing, this is what my cabinet looks like now:

Organized cabinet

After I did this, I heard my husband go in to get a plate and yell “this is so much better!” You wouldn’t believe the amount of time we are saving by not having to take everything out to get one dish. The little things really do make a big difference…


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