30 Days of Organization

30 Days of Organization: Day 17

This past summer I had the brilliant idea of turning one of our bedrooms into my walk-in closet. I was so tired of shoving all of my clothing into a tiny closet and having my shoes scattered all over the house. This room was actually being used as our office space, but who the heck needs an entire room dedicated to doing work? Leave the work space for work, right?! So, I moved out our large L-shaped desk and replaced it with a tiny corner desk that fits our computer just fine. So, if we MUST do work at home we can, but I’d rather work on my wardrobe…

My closet space consists of a few garment racks, a dresser for jewelry and a bookcase that I turned into a “shoe-case”. Today’s post is dedicated to organizing my messy garment racks. This is what the current disaster looks like:

messy closet 2

One rack is specifically for dresses and the other is for blouses, blazers, and pants. However, I just sort of hang things up without thinking and it looks very messy and unorganized. I decided there needed to be some sort of rhyme and reason for these suckers…so here it is, all nice and organized!

clean closet

My dresses are now in this particular order: sequins (if you know me you know that I have a serious love for sequin dresses), cocktail, summer casual, work appropriate, lace, maxi and formal. My blouses are organized by color (I tried to go with the whole ROYGBIV) and are followed by my blazers and long cardigans. Below the blouses are casual skirts, pencil skirts, dress pants, colored jeans and then regular jeans. BAM! Now I know exactly where to look when I need a certain blouse or dress! Finally it all makes sense…

Dresses   blouses

A huge plus of organizing your closet is that you get rid of all of the things you haven’t worn in a year that are taking up valuable space. Today I filled up a bag to donate to The Salvation Army…it’s always a good day when you’re able to give.


2 thoughts on “30 Days of Organization: Day 17

  1. I did this when we moved house. I also hung everything the wrong way ( hangers over the back rather than over the front of the rail). As I wore and washed each item I hung it back on the normal way, that way I could see what I hadn’t worn during the year and was able to fill another few bags for the charity shop.

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