30 Days of Organization

30 Days of Organization: Day 18

Since I forgot to post on Friday, I’ll be posting twice today just to stay on schedule…

Today I’m sticking with organization within my closet and I’m tackling my bags and clutches! I am an accessory girl. That means I have an overload of bags, wallets, clutches, etc. Although I say my bags are my babies, I don’t always treat them like they’re my babies. I normally just throw them in a side closet, neglect to store them in their dust bags and/or forget to “fluff” them (so my leather bags become flat and floppy). Time to change all of that. I wanted a place to display my loves in my new walk in “closet” so I purchased this great shelving unit:

Bag holder

It fits perfectly in between my desk area and my garment rack that holds my blouses and pants! I mentioned that I let my leather bags get all flat and floppy and I hate it because I spend time and money on those beauts I need to make sure I’m taking good care of them. SO! I thought quick on my feet and decided to use materials I already had in my home to fix this issue. It’s simple: get a plastic bag and stuff it with tissue paper OR stuff it with other plastic bags (a great way to re-use all those bags you get from the store). Tie up the stuffed plastic bag and stuff your bag with it! The stuffing helps the bag keep its shape while you’re not using it and when you want to use it you can easily just take the plastic bag out without taking multiple pieces of stuffing out!

Bag stuffers Stuffed Bag 2

Stuffed bag

Now, time to fill in that beautiful shelf! I loved the idea of displaying an extra wallet and clutch using picture displays from the dollar store and I had a bit of extra space to put a few shoe boxes and decorative items!

Bag organization

Now I can rest easy at night knowing my babies are comfortably organized! Seriously ladies, get out there and purchase something like this to keep your bags in one place!


4 thoughts on “30 Days of Organization: Day 18

      • I know where I’ll be headed this weekend!! Love the blog and ideas Nadia!! Now that I have a new house to organize- your tips come in handy! ❤️

      • So glad you like it! I’m having so much fun with it. Congrats on the new home!! You’ll have to throw a house warming party soon 🙂 oh and make sure you call the store before you head out there…I’ve actually had the shelf for awhile so I don’t know if they still have it…

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