30 Days of Organization

30 Days of Organization: Day 19

These 30 days of organization can’t all be about me…I need to help the hubby out a little bit too. So for the moment, I’m going to move from my closet to his closet. Good lord, the man could use some help when it comes to keeping his closet organized. For now I’ll just deal with his ties. A tie to a man is like a bag to a woman; It’s the perfect accessory. A simple suit and shirt combo can quickly be transformed with an amazing tie. I love to buy accessories for myself, so naturally I love to buy accessories for Mike. He wears suits everyday to work, so I usually get him a few ties every Christmas and Birthday…I’m a tad bit obsessed and he’s accumulating quite the collection. However, he doesn’t wear all of his ties because he can’t find them easily…take a look at this mess:

Messy ties

Have no fear, super wife is here! Bed, Bath and Beyond had a great hanger that holds 24 ties and has a rotating hook so it’s easy to flip from one side to the other without taking the hanger out of the closet to search for a tie. It also has two bottom hooks (perfect for hanging belts) and was cheap:

Tie organizer

The end result:

organized ties organized ties 2

His closet needs way more work, but this is a step in the right direction!


One thought on “30 Days of Organization: Day 19

  1. I did this for my dad about 20 years ago, unfortunately I wasn’t able to teach that particular dog a new trick and my mum said that his ties were back to the original state within weeks! Apparently ‘being neat is a girl thing and my dad didn’t have time for it’, honestly!

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