30 Days of Organization

30 Days of Organization: Day 20

After moving my clothing out of my closet and into my new, full room closet, I immediately filled up my old closet with random things. Today I decided I would turn it into my “craft” closet and organize some of the chaos going on within. Here’s a before pic:

messy craft closet

There’s just too much random going on! The bins on the top shelf are so unorganized, I don’t even know what’s in them and every time I need something crafty I end up spending way too much time going through them. There’s also no reason why I should still have clothing hanging in there…

Since I want this to be a “craft” closet that houses all of my crafting items, I decided I needed to concentrate on those items first. So, I dumped everything out and started organizing them into labeled ziplock bags! Now I won’t have to go fishing for glue sticks when I need one!

Craft stuff

Next, I organized all of the bags into bins and labeled those as well:

Craft stuff in bins

SO. MUCH. BETTER!! I don’t understand why the heck I didn’t do this before. I am constantly doing crafty things and am constantly annoyed by the mess. As for the rest of the closet…I got rid of the random clothing still hanging and placed them where they actually belonged. The only clothing that will remain in the closet are my dress coats, jackets and vests. I also found great hangers to use for my scarves! Lastly, I cleaned out the three drawer dresser in there (that’s where I keep all of my jewelry boxes and scrapbook materials) and put my “wrapping station” on top of it! Here are the results:

clean craft closet

clean craft closet 2

This makes so much more sense than what was going on before. I’m so relieved and I know I say this at the end of every post, but I feel so much cleaner and lighter. I got rid of crap that I no longer use or need ON TOP of organizing everything!


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