30 Days of Organization

30 Days of Organization: Day 21

I’m in the final stretch of my first “installment” of The 30 Day Diaries and I’ve been terrible at posting! It was a crazy work week, we lost power one night, Mike celebrated his 27th birthday and I’ve been straight up lazy. BUT! I’m back at it and am going to finish strong!! I want to stay on schedule (finish posting by January 30th) so I will be posting a few blogs a day to get back on track.

To start this Saturday off right, I decided my linen closet needed some serious help. After all, this is where we keep our fresh, clean towels and sheets…it doesn’t feel very fresh or clean when it looks like this:

messy linen closet

Here’s what I currently have living in there: not one, but TWO vacuum cleaners, bath towels, beach towels, beach accessories (sunscreen, aloe and lotion hanging in a plastic bag – ew), my yoga mat, the iron and ironing board, bed sheets, pillowcases, extra pillows and extra blankets. Basically it’s a hot mess and I’m over it. First things first: get rid of one of the vacuum cleaners, we don’t have a huge house, no need for two. Second, organize the bedding stuff so that it makes sense. These cheap plastic drawers are amazing and can be used for so many things. So, I got a small one from Walmart and labeled each drawer. You have to see it to believe it:

Sheet organization

Next, I dedicated one shelf to beach stuff. Being organized can be cute, so I rolled the towels instead of folding them and I moved the sunscreen from a plastic bag to a wicker basket. The bottom two shelves are for our bath towels (once again I found a basket I could use and put all of our wash cloths and hand towels in it) and the top shelf is for extra blankets and pillows!

Organized Linen Closet

There you have it! Go organize your linen closet. RIGHT NOW! Your life will change for the better, I swear 🙂


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