30 Days of Organization

30 Days of Organization: Day 22

Don’t judge me…but I have an obsession with buying cookbooks. I barely use them, but I always find myself buying them at garage sales (when they’re a dollar how can you resist?!) and when I stumble into the clearance section of Barnes and Noble. There’s just something about a good cookbook…or maybe I just see it as an accessory for the kitchen and, you know me, I can’t turn down buying accessories! Currently my cookbooks and recipes on random sheets of paper are stuffed into a drawer in my kitchen:

messy cookbooks

We have an island in our kitchen and the shelves are just holding our vitamins and meds, so I figured I would snaz that space up and organize my cookbooks!

cookbooks     cookbooks2

I also put the recipes I had on random pieces of paper on index cards and filled my recipe card boxes up. The best part about these recipe boxes is that they are filled with my grandma’s hand written recipes. I will never get rid of them, ever.

recipe boxes

Cookbook and recipe organization? CHECK! Does this mean I have to go cook dinner now?


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