30 Days of Organization

30 Days of Organization: Day 23

Organizing the garage is my least favorite task so far…for two reasons: 1) It’s been insanely cold here in central NY and 2) It’s dirty. So, today’s post is not a cute one…

Besides Mike’s brewing area and tool box situation, our garage is pretty unorganized. We have recycling bins, athletic equipment, bags filled with bottles that need returning, cleaning products, and many other random things. The garage may be a cold and dirty place, but something NEEDS to be done about this! So, I ventured off to find a good shelving unit (I found a cheap one at Walmart for 50 buckos) and some bins to keep things together. Although I only organized one wall of the garage, it made a huge difference. We now have a bin to keep the dog food fresh, a bin for the bottles and cans (the plan is that when the bin gets full we will return the bottles – so much better than filling garbage bags and leaving them), a shelf that can hold our recycling bins, athletic equipment, cleaning supplies and dog park toys. It was a cold, but successful day!

dirty garage

clean garage


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