30 Days of Organization

30 Days of Organization: Day 26

Ugh, the Tupperware! Let’s be real, who thinks Tupperware is annoying? I do. It’s always falling out of the cupboard, I have to dig through a bunch of lids and plastic to get to the one that I want, and it just takes up too much space. I’m sick of it. Here’s what my disaster currently looks like:


This shelf also includes dishes that we don’t use anymore that need to just be given to The Salvation Army. So, today I got to work. I went out and purchased another shelf organizer and I went to town. I got rid of some of the plastic…after all, we don’t need thirty pieces of Tupperware.  Here’s my after pic:


Now, all of the lids are in one place and not stacked on top of the Tupperware and I can actually see what we have and what I might be looking for!


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