30 Days of Organization

30 Days of Organization: Day 27

Sunday is my shopping day, so I thought today would be the perfect time to organize my coupons! I have to admit, I was sucked into couponing after watching “Extreme Couponers” for the first time. I was just so in awe that these people left the store with carts full of items for less than $10! Honestly, I know I would never get that extreme…I just don’t see the point in buying 20 cases of gatorade or thirty bags of chips. However, I am ready and willing to stock up on the essentials such as toilet paper, toothpaste, deodorant…the things that we will always need and use. Last year, when I was super motivated to coupon, my husband bought me a CD organizer and filled it with a ton of baseball card sleeves. This is PERFECT for holding all of those clipped coupons! I also added binder dividers so that I could easily find the food coupons, paper product coupons, etc.

Coupon organizer  organized coupons

Now, this is not something I bring out to the store with me. It’s just too cumbersome. So, I purchased a small, more convenient, coupon carrier that I can throw in my bag. Before I head out to the store, I stock it full of coupons that I know I will be using. I found this one at the Dollar Store!

On the go coupons

I’ve learned that the key to successful couponing is organization. These organizers bring me one step closer to leaving those stores with amazing deals!


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