30 Days of Organization

30 Days of Organization: Day 30

Day 30 is here! My last installment of “30 Days of Organization!” Over the past 29 days I have organized my home, my work space and my finances. Today I am taking organization in my life one step further and organizing my car! From a simple weekly trip to the grocery store to an extensive road trip, we spend a lot of time in our cars. I shamefully have to admit that I tend to keep my car a mess. Things get lost in the trunk, water bottles are scattered around the back seat and my glove compartment holds a plethora of random items. This nonsense stops today! I started by cleaning out the back seat and the trunk, getting rid of trash, emptying the glove compartment of the random items and purchased a great trunk organizer from Bed, Bath and Beyond.

trunk organizer

This thing is amazing. It has two compartments and mesh side pockets. For those of you without smartphones or who just prefer to use maps, the side pockets are perfect for holding travel guides. In one compartment I put my jumper cables, a flashlight and the windshield washing fluid. In the other compartment I have a blanket, bottled water and a first aid kit that I purchased from Wegmans for $9.99. If we are ever on a road trip and something happens, I want to be prepared!

First Aid Kit organized trunk 1

Organized trunk

Well, that does it! I think I have organized pretty much everything in my life that needs organizing. Now, it should be noted that even though “30 Days of Organization” took me longer than 30 days, everything I did was done within a few hours and can easily be done daily. I just got caught up with changes at work and, I hate to admit it, forgot to post daily. I promise I will be better for the next 30 days! Stay tuned for what I have planned next…you don’t want to miss it!


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