30 Days of Sweet Gifts

30 Days of Sweet Gifts: Day 3

Need a sweet gift for someone you know with a major sweet tooth? Really hate spending money on super cheesy cards that will just be thrown away? In the mood to get creative? If you answered yes to any of those questions then this is the post for you! My husband LOVES candy. I mean…really loves candy. I find empty Mike and Ike boxes everywhere! So this year for Valentine’s Day I wanted to get creative. I obviously had candy on my mind but I wanted to present it in a not-so-normal way. So, I did some thinking and then ventured off to one of my fav places…the Dollar Store. I stocked up on candy, bought a large poster board and then laid all the candy out to try and come up with my version of a Hallmark card! Here’s what I came up with:

Candy Card

In case it’s too difficult to read, this is what it says: “Mike, all my life I dated (Goobers), (Milk Duds) and (Nerds). Out of all the (Swedish Fish) in the sea I finally met Mr. (Hot Tamales). You give me love that is (Good and Plenty) and I wouldn’t trade it for (100 Grand). You are an (Extra) special man who makes me (Snicker). I can’t wait to have a bunch of (Sour Patch Kids) with you! You are a (Sweet Tart) and I love you to (Reese’s Pieces). I’m so happy to have found a great guy in this enormous (Milky Way).”

When Mike came home and saw this he was blown away! Such a better reaction to this card than to a regular card. This would also be a fun gift to give on a birthday, as a get well card or even as a thank you card. Remember, people love sweet gifts that come from the heart, especially gifts that clearly take some thought and creativity!


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