30 Days of Sweet Gifts

30 Days of Sweet Gifts: Day 5

Today’s gift is super sweet because it was meant for some super sweet kiddos! Before I switched into my own classroom, I shared a room with an amazing teacher who quickly became a good friend. She was so kind and generous…offered me her desk when I didn’t have one, let me use her materials when I had none and was always there to offer amazing advice or a shoulder to cry on. I was really excited to move into my own classroom, but didn’t want to leave my great roomie. On top of all of her greatness, her children attend the school we teach at and they would come in with her every morning, bright and early. They are such sweet kids and they brought happiness into our room every single morning before the school day started. So, before I left the room and ventured down the hall to my new room, I wanted to give them a little thank you gift. After much deliberating I think I came up with the greatest gift: an ice cream sundae kit!

ice cream sundae kit

Kids love ice cream; they love to create their own masterpieces and they love to make a mess! The ice cream sundae kit allows them to make their own sundae creations and enjoy them after! The best part…it’s definitely for all ages, so parents can enjoy as well! Get creative with your sundae kits…really, anything that goes with ice cream can go in the kit! For the one I created, I found a basket laying around my house and some pretty tissue paper. Then, I went out and bought chocolate syrup, caramel syrup, sprinkles, maraschino cherries, M&Ms, gummy bears, Reese’s Peanut Butter bites, peanuts, and Crunch bites. I also added a colorful ice cream scoop! All they have to do is get the ice cream and they are all set for a yummy treat 🙂


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