30 Days of Sweet Gifts

30 Days of Sweet Gifts: Day 6

If you know me, you know that I love to bake. However, if you really know me, you know that baking sugar cookies is my LEAST favorite thing in the world. I don’t know why it annoys me so much, but I really dislike rolling out the dough, cutting out the shapes AND the decorating part. Ugh, the decorating. SO, if you ever get sugar cookies from me that obviously means I love you a whole lot 🙂

I love to give my friends Valentine’s Day cards or something cutesy…this year I decided to make heart sugar cookies and write sweet messages on them! After all, who doesn’t want to eat things that taste good and make you feel happy?! I have these great pens that allow you to write on frosting or icing and I have yet to use them, so I thought this would be the perfect project for them.

Here are the Easy Writer pens (you can get them in the baking section of the store):

Easy Writer Pens

I also found these cute little heart shaped boxes at the Dollar Store. They are perfect for putting the cookies in!

Heart Boxes

In my opinion, the secret to a great sugar cookie is it’s icing. I’ve searched high and low for great icing recipes and I think I may have found the one I’m sticking with from here on out. It’s easy and sweet, but not too sweet that it makes you cringe. It is also easy to spread and hardens perfectly for stacking and/or decorating. All you need to do is sift 1 cup of confectioner’s sugar into a medium size bowl, add 1 Tablespoon of light corn syrup and 1 Tablespoon of milk. I usually add a little more milk until I get it to the perfect consistency. Don’t add more than 1 teaspoon of milk at a time though…you don’t want to end up with a runny mess!

Here’s my finished product made with much love ❤

   heart boxes with cookies  phonto (2)


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