30 Days of Sweet Gifts

30 Days of Sweet Gifts: Day 7

Want an easy way to say ‘thanks’ to someone!? A gift card is a great way to go! Everyone loves gift cards…it’s free money! When have you ever heard someone say “ugh I just got this gift card from someone, what am I supposed to do with it?” You know who REALLY loves gift cards? Teachers! Stop giving your kid’s teachers apples and pencils…we want something we can really use and, after spending all day with children, a free cup of coffee is our favorite. So, with that being said I needed to come up with a creative way to say thank you to some of my co-workers who helped me set up my new classroom on a Friday after school. Now, this may not seem like a big deal, but it is. These teachers stayed late on a FRIDAY. If you are a teacher, or close to someone who is, you know that staying late on a Friday is ludicrous and if you have to do it you get pissed off. So I am extremely grateful for these teachers that stayed to help me!

I knew I was going to give them gift cards to a coffee shop, but I wanted to give them in a creative way. I did some research and I found this AH-dorable (and FREE) printable from Skip To My Lou. All I had to do was purchase the gift cards (in this case from Bruegger’s, a local bagel shop), grab a few coffee sleeves, print the card and write a sweet message on the back to go along with it! I used a hot glue to attach the coffee sleeve to the card and then slipped the gift card on top. It was so easy!

Say no more to just sticking a gift card in a thank you note! Take giving one step further!

Thanks a latte


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