30 Days of Sweet Gifts

30 Days of Sweet Gifts: Day 8

Being a teacher, I’m obviously all for teacher appreciation gifts. I also love to give little gifts to my co-workers to let them know how much I appreciate them and all of their hard work. Being a teacher is tough and every once in awhile we need to be reminded that we are appreciated. I also believe that teachers should stand by each other (hence why I love to give little appreciation gifts to let my coworkers know I have their backs). We are constantly being brought down by the public, by parents, by administration and, sometimes, even by our students.

I wanted to do something nice this week for some of my friends at work. However, I didn’t want to break the bank and I didn’t want to spend too much time on something. I found this great and, once again, free printable from Landeelu and decided to get creative with it. So, I did some digging and I found some plastic gift bags left over from a previous crafting project and I went out and bought some Swedish Fish (on sale for $1 a bag at Tops – one bag made two gifts). This is what I came up with:


This literally took me 10 minutes to put together and cost me $3 for the candy (which made 6 gift bags). Isn’t it a sweet way to show your appreciation?


One thought on “30 Days of Sweet Gifts: Day 8

  1. So happy to find your blog!! I will be reading and sharing. Sending out love to our teachers, especially our public school teachers, is so important in today’s current education climate. xo and can’t wait to read more from you Nadia!

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