Peru 2014

Let The Wild Rumpus Begin!

Today was a big day! It was the last day I will ever be 25. I didn’t think I would do anything significant today, however I was quite wrong.

I spent the day preparing for my Peru trip (I mean, how often does someone do that?)…my goal was to have a pack lighter than 50lbs. It was an extremely difficult challenge, but ended in success! As time moved on throughout the day, I became more and more anxious. I’ve traveled plenty of times and have traveled alone, but for some reason my nerves were OUT of control! Thankfully, when the time came to head to the airport I felt a sense of calming and my nerves turned to excitement for this new adventure I will begin as I start a new year of my life. Welp, that feeling was short lived when I showed up ready to go and was told my flight to JFK was canceled. My only options: wait until the following day to fly out (which would make me lose two days in Peru), take a bus or train (both of which had no more trips to the city for the day), or rent a car and drive myself. Had they informed me of the cancellation an hour before arriving to the airport, I could have made the last train…go figure.

The choice was obvious…I wasn’t willing to lose two days in Peru so I made the decision to rent a car and drive to the city. Keep in mind, I have NEVER rented a car and driven it on my own (I hate driving cars that aren’t my own-way too much pressure not to crash it) and I have NEVER driven into NYC on my own. If you know me, you know that at this point my excitement for my trip had diminished and I became a nervous wreck.

As I got in the rental car, cursing the travel gods, I realized how pathetic I was being. Yes, I was anxious and this was something I had never done before (not to mention I was racing the clock to make my flight at JFK), BUT this was also a great learning experience for me. I am grateful for the opportunity to go on this trip, I am even more grateful for challenges that will present themselves along the way. It’s a chance for me to grow as an individual.

Moral of the story, I did two new things today. They may not be huge, life changing events, but they challenged my attitude and outlook at the beginning of my trip. I drove to NYC in a rental car, by myself, everything made it to JFK in one piece and I made my connecting flight on time. Maj success!

Stay tuned for more updates from Peru! Adios amigos!





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