Peru 2014

Dear Cuzco, my heart loves you!

Today was phenomenal. We woke up and had a little brekky at our hostel…completely vegetarian with complimentary mate de coca (coca tea which comes from the cocaine plant)! The tea is supposed to help with altitude sickness, which I thankfully don’t have, but it’s delicious and I shall drink it in copious amounts while I’m here! After breakfast we headed out into the town for some local shopping! Our goal: to buy super warm and brightly colored Peruvian sweaters made entirely out of alpaca wool and warm hats! Katriena and I know how to shop so this goal was met almost immediately! Then, we walked through town (which is breathtakingly beautiful every corner you turn) and found ourselves at the Choco Museo (chocolate museum). If you know me, you know that I was basically in my version of heaven. We signed ourselves up for a chocolate making class on our last day in Cuzco (put your orders in now if you want some handmade Peruvian chocolate from yours truly)!

After our museum excursion, we headed up the mountain to explore some ruins in Cuzco and to see el cristo blanco (the white Christ). You know the super Christ in Brazil? El cristo blanco is Cuzco’s version of that and it looks down upon the town and is really cool and creepy all at the same time. It was quite the trek up to the top in toms and palazzo pants (still didn’t have my luggage at this point) but totally worth it. When we got to the top and were staring up at this gigantic cristo blanco, I felt compelled to pray. I don’t normally have these moments and I didn’t really know what to pray for…but looking up at this historical piece and over the entire town of Cuzco, I prayed for everyone I love to have an experience like this. I prayed for the opportunity to continue to have these experiences for myself and that I continue to feel gratitude with every step during every adventure. It was a moment I had with el cristo blanco and it was cool.

We made our way back to the hostel to get ready for dinner and to check on my luggage situation (ugh I was still dealing with this by 6pm). Earlier in the day I called the airline and they said my bag was in Cuzco – great news! But, I had to wait for the airport to call me to update me on when it would get to me. By 6, I was told it wouldn’t make it to the hostel until tomorrow…no bueno since we’re leaving tomorrow. We decided to cab it to the airport and back to get the bag and on our way out a sweet, sweet man was heading in with it!! Praise Ikea! I squealed, jumped and hugged the man…all of which I think frightened him a bit, but whatevs! A few guys at our hostel overheard what was happening and mentioned that they have had one of their bags missing for 10 days….TEN days!! Once again making me realize how much worse this could have been.

We finished the day with a lovely dinner overlooking la Plaza de Armas (so gorgeous at night) and a piece of birthday cake that I couldn’t eat yesterday! It was a beautiful day. I’m so grateful and I can’t wait to see what the rest of this beautiful country has to offer. Tomorrow we bus it to Puno…stay tuned for more updates!







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