Peru 2014

I am your electric girl.

Well. Last night I was electrocuted for the first time ever in my life. We had a space heater plugged in next to our beds in the hostel and I noticed a spark come from the outlet. I immediately turned off the heater and let it sit. A little while later, I went to unplug the heater. I grabbed the insulated part of the plug, and didn’t touch the outlet. The plug wasn’t coming out easily so I kept pulling thinking it was just stuck. I went to pull it out and ZZZZZ! I felt a major vibration through both arms and my chest, screamed and was jolted back onto my bed. When it happened it felt like everything was in slo-mo. Such a bizarre experience. Naturally, I went into panic mode, teared up from fear and I was very shaky. To say it scared me is an understatement. THANK GOD for Katriena, the future doctor. She immediately went into doctor mode and checked me over. She was calm, asked me questions about how I felt, looked for a point of entry and most importantly kept me calm. Now, don’t go painting this picture in your head of me freaking out like a lunatic. I just got super scared, was short of breath and shaky. After I got over the shock (literally) everything was fine. I guess if I’m going to get electrocuted for the first time (and hopefully last) than it might as well be in a cool country like Peru! Mom and dad, I’m really okay. I feel perfectly fine….I know you’re both sitting there reading this and worrying.

Now, onto the adventures of today! We were able to sleep in, which was a beautiful thing, and take our time getting ready. We had a few hours until we had to catch our bus to Arequipa, so we decided to walk through the plazas in Puno. The streets were narrow and had flags hanging from banners which made it very picturesque. We found a cute (and popular) cafe called the “Mixology Bar” also referred to as a “Molecular Bar”. It was tiny, but served brunch which was right up our ally. It also had a lot of fun Incan artwork all over the walls and ceiling! We took our time enjoying omelletes con queso y panqueques con chocolate. It was delicious. After brunch, we made our way back to our hostel, grabbed our belongings and hopped in a taxi to the bus terminal. Most people in Puno do not speak English. It is smaller and less touristy than Cuzco. The fact that we made it from our hostel and on the right bus is an accomplishment (just shows how much I paid attention in Spanish class)!

Being that Puno is the highest city in Peru, we expected to be more affected by the altitude than we were. We both took altitude sickness meds, but still experienced minor headaches and shortness of breath every once in awhile. Nothing major.

For anyone traveling city to city via bus in Peru, I highly recommend the Cruz del Sur bus company. We took a two decker bus and it was more comfortable than any public transportation I’ve ever taken in the states. The seats are comfortable and give enough room to sit cross legged (Katriena tested that out) and also have leg rests…and not those dinky little metal foot rests you see on most buses – a legit leg rest for the length of your legs! They also show movies in Spanish, which I used as a learning opportunity. I would look away from the screen and just listen and try to pick up on words and phrases I understood…I think I’ll start watching foreign films at home for more practice! Each seat also has it’s own pull-down tray because….they serve meals! Nothing too amazing, but a girls gotta eat on a 6 hour bus ride!

The ride into Arequipa had amazing views and it was the second night in a row we witnessed a beautiful sunset. Ugh I just can’t get enough of them! Being able to watch the sunset is significant to me. It gives me a chance to reflect on the beauty of the day and feel thankful for having seen another day…

We arrived in a city called Arequipa around 8:30pm and we will be here for the next three nights! Our hostel is the Wild Rover, same as the one in Cuzco. Only this time we are really living the hostel life with shared bathrooms and such. We love it though…takes us back to our Australia days. It’s definitely a party hostel and we were greeted by a group of rowdy Brazilians…they seem to be over their embarrassing loss in the WC.

It was a lovely, relaxing day and I’m excited to see what Arequipa has to offer! Here are some photos of today’s experience:








3 thoughts on “I am your electric girl.

    • P.S. I’m so glad you’re Ok after your shock! And I love, love, love that song… You can feel it in your mind…Oh you can do it all the time…Plug it in and change the world…You are my electric girl! Reminds me of when you were both in Australia!

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