Peru 2014

TOMS make excellent hiking shoes.

Waking up on the top bunk this morning really brought me back to my childhood. Remember when we had bunk beds, Em, and would always watch Aladdin or The Lion King before bed? And all of the cool forts we made out of it? (Sorry I never let you have the top bunk…it was the privilege of an older sister)…and Katriena of course brings me back because she’s constantly singing a Disney tune. I don’t hate it!

The remainder of yesterday was fabulously relaxing. We found a great cafe and had veggie fajitas (so yum) and sat in the sun and read our books. I’m currently reading Life of Pi and can’t put it down. We walked around Ollantaytambo for a little bit and loved how quaint it was! It also reminded us both of Diagon Alley (if you’re asking yourself what Diagon Alley is we probably shouldn’t be friends anymore) so we obvi were obsessed with everything about it. We went to the mini-market and got some chocolate, then called it an early night. We finally got a full night’s sleep because our hostel is so small and no one was drunk! HalleluJAH! We got up at a decent hour and had breakfast with our fellow hostel mates – all from the west coast of the US. The owner of the hostel, who calls himself “Wow”, made us eggs and hot toast. It was a lovely way to start the day.

We wanted to do the hike to see the ruins but it was pricey, so we figured out a way to hike the other ruins FO FREE. It was a steeper and more treacherous climb, but completely free…we’ll take it, because were travelers on a budget and need our money for alpaca sweaters and chocolate. Side note: we went up some pretty steep and rocky hills…in TOMS…and didn’t slip or fall once…success! It was a beautiful climb with amazing views of Ollantaytambo and the ruins. It also overlooked the only whole Incan community still standing in Peru. Mind blowing.

After our climb, we grabbed our things from the hostel and headed for the train station. We took the VISTADOME train to Machu Picchu! This train has glass ceiling panels and huge windows, allowing you to observe the gorgeous views along the ride. We chatted the whole way with a couple from San Fran and enjoyed the ride!

We finally arrived in Machu Picchu and got settled in the Wachuma Bed and Breakfast. We spent the evening shopping and eating (two of our most favorite things)! We are also super good at bargaining now…Katriena is especially a champ and can talk any price down.

Tomorrow we get up super early to start our adventure at Machu Picchu! It’s our last full day in Peru and we plan on making the most of every moment!


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